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Welcome to the Members Gallery Page


Sidmouth Society of Artists comprise a varied and eclectic group of artists who enjoy a number of different styles and mediums. Our members range from beginners to professionals, young to old. No matter where you are on your art journey we encourage you to be proud of everything you achieve. Members are invited to submit a piece of their work for the members gallery page.

If you are interesed in viewing more of our members work head over to the Society's Facebook Page and check out the gallery album.

  'Sid Art' Facebook Page (General Art Info)

'Sidmouth Society of Artists' Facebook Page (Society News & Gallery)







Message in a Bottle by Debbie Coles

Visit Debbie's Website - Debbie Coles Art




 Smudge Asleep by David Hughes

Visit David's Website - Daves Art Gallery



 The Picnic by Rebecca Lockyear

Visit Rebecca's Facebook Page - Bickwell House Art



 Beat The Snow by Terry Crook



Tusker by Cherry Ferris

Visit Cherry's Facebook Page - Fairiewood Art



Down at the Shore by Francetta Bridle

Visit Fran's Facebook Page




 Razzle Dazzle Snowdrop by Sue Williams

Visit Sue's Website - Sue Williams Artwork



 Thames Barges by John Evans

Visit John's Website




 The Great Wildebeest Migration by Tracey Rapson

Visit Tracey's Facebook Page


Buttercups by Sylvia Cook



Rough Sea by Lynda Kettle

Visit Lynda's Website -Lynda Kettle Art




The Mousehole Cat on a Buoy by Margot Cornish



 Golden Eagle by Tony Broughton

 Visit Tony's website - Tony Broughton Art




Portrait of a Stork by Gwyneth Moore




The Blue Cockeral by June Hewett-Pitt

Visit June's Website